ICF Approved Coach Training Certification


This is a 60hrs ICF approved Coach Training for professional coaching. Whether you are interested in integrating coaching skills in your current profession or considering a career in coaching, this program will provide a powerful introduction to fundamental coaching skills. The focus is on participation and practical experience rather than lecture, with numerous opportunities to coach and receive feedback on your newly acquired coaching skills. Upon completing the training, you will earn the title as Coach Masters Certified Coach and is eligible to apply for ICF Membership and Credential. *

ICF Approved Coach Training Certification

Transformative Coaching stands on the cutting edge of the expanding coaching profession.It offers a powerfully holistic and yet organic approach to help people experience positive change through deepened learning using the art and science of transformation.

While traditionally, tactical coaching has been useful for trouble-shooting, problem solving and optioning, transformative coaching focuses on deepened learning that results in gaining fresh perspectives and new directions. The change produced is often more sustainable. Hence, our Core Training for Professional Coaching program provides a firm foundation for those who want to go into advance coaching and pursue coaching seriously.  

Discovery Leadership Coaching partners with Coach Masters Academy to bring Transformative Coaching Certification to Malaysia. This International Coaching Federation (ICF) recognized program is also offered globally by Coach Masters Academy in more than 18 countries and 24 Cities.

Internationally Recognized Coach Training Certification

Approved by the International Coach Federation (ICF) – the institution that sets the standard for the coaching industry, you can be assured of a world-class internationally recognised program. Become a Coach Masters Certified Coach in transformative coaching upon completing the training. As a graduate of the academy, you would have gained 75 hours of coach training and satisfied the requirements for credentialing that will enable you to apply for ICF Membership and Credential. You can complete your training through in-person training in any of the 16 sites across Asia or through online learning platform.

(1) An Empirical-Based approach to enable Sustainable Change

At Coach Masters Academy, our revolutionary proprietary technology integrates the science of Emotional Intelligence and Positive Psychology to deliver sustainable change. Our programs use the latest scientifically proven techniques and advance adult learning theories to guide the process of transformation.

Through our proprietary Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation TM, clients have been able to improve their consequential thinking, moving from a reactive state of mind to a proactive state of mind. It has been recognized that change occurs when there is a safe psychological space to connect our current reality (Awareness) to real intentions (Clarity) and then taking decisive actions toward those desired outcomes (Choice).  It leverages on the power of reflective learning to expand the client’s capacity for awareness and clarity. The coach supports the client’s transformative process in gaining awareness of what is happening around them (contextual awareness) to discovering what really matters to them (self-awareness).

Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation

The Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation uses principles derived from advanced adult learning theories to guide the process of transformation. It leverages on the power of reflective learning to expand the client’s capacity for awareness and clarity. The coach is able to support their clients in gaining awareness of what is happening around them (contextual awareness) and discover what really matters to them (self-awareness).

The Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation is unique in that it focuses not only on learning but on the process of learning itself. When coaching occurs at the meta-level, it allows change to occur at the deepest level by clarifying and refining goals, expectations and outcomes. As a coach, you will develop an authentic presence and acquire a proven framework that will equip you to support your clients and help them experience a transformative shift in their thinking. This will allow them to turn visions into reality and realize their goals.

(2) Thoughtful Integration of Knowledge and Skill

We know that developing mastery in coaching and acquiring the set of skills, attitudes and competencies necessary in order to become truly professional requires a demanding curriculum that moves a student beyond classroom concepts into participative coach-learning contexts. That is why our coaching certification provides close supervision by experienced coaches so that skills may be systematically and progressively mastered.

Instead of students getting just a few minutes of feedback in a group, every student in our program gets at least a full hour of coaching conversations with helpful reviews from their peers followed up with one-on-one mentoring sessions. After such sessions, students get to listen to the recording of the conversation again, reflecting and reworking to see what they would readjust and do differently.

However, what makes us stand apart from the crowd and makes our program truly transformative is that we go beyond skills and knowledge into the mastery of coaching presence and an understanding of the process. Designed to provide a quality layered learning process, our students go through a formative process where the core competencies of coaching are forged and refined: presence, active listening and powerful asking. They gain clarity and awareness through reflection and feedback. It is a holistic approach that gives you the opportunity to gain mastery at different levels and finally to become a Master Coach.

ICF Approved Coaching Training Certification ICF Approved Coaching Training Certification ICF Approved Coaching Training Certification

(3) Accelerate Learning at Advance Level of Coaching

Through our unique instructional design, you are able to gain advance level that is benchmarked at ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC) Credential level. The training is supervised by our Master Trainer, an international Master Certified Coach (MCC) and a leading expert in Transformative Coaching. You can be confident of receiving the highest standard of coach training drawn from our proven instructional design and our many years in this field. At the same time, you will also receive support from our team of Faculty across the globe.

Master Certified Coach - Ben Koh

(4) Continual Learning Support from an expanding international community of coaches

As a student of Coach Masters Academy, your supervised practical coaching is supported by credentialed coaches who come with years of corporate experience prior to their careers. Furthermore, our program includes a platform where our graduates form peer-to-peer networks for continual learning even after the course ends. As our student, you become a part of an expanding international community of coaches where our graduates often reach out to the new students to support them in their learning journey.


The training comprises of 2 components: (1) 4 Days Core Training where you acquire the theoretical framework and (2) Supervised Practical Coaching where you integrate your learning to real skills application. We believe the formative process takes time. Altogether, our students go through a 75 hour coach training with almost 50% of the time allocated to practical sessions. You get passionate and dedicated supervisors who are ICF Credential Coaches with many years of experiences to walk through the practical sessions with you.


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In additional, you can complete your training with our Fast Track Mentor Coaching Package to apply for ICF Credential. Ben Koh is the among the few Certified Mentor Coach in Asia and he had personally supported more than 500 Professional Coaches. His rich and diverse cross-cultural experiences in more than 17 countries and his in-depth knowledge on ICF Core Competencies made him a well-sought after Mentor Coach in Asia.

Our professional coaching certification will focus on three vital components: (1) Conversation, (2) Process and (3) Question


Coaching happens in a special type of conversation that helps bring clarity to one’s current situation. When people are given the space to express and explore their concerns in a supportive and non-judgmental way, an incredible process takes place where positive change can be effected. With Coaching Conversation, you can learn how to encourage people to tell their story and listen to their experiences and emotions, and how to facilitate their alignment of goals and outcomes.



Questions have an amazing power to transform lives. Coaching uses powerful questions to raise awareness and gain greater clarity. When you ask the right questions, you get the right answers. Hence, powerful questions when asked in the proper context can produce profound positive changes. Learn the different types of questions and how they impact the coaching process.



Coaching conversations are more than dialogue sessions or nice chats. It is about a purposive intent to facilitate positive change in how people think, act or feel. In the Coaching Process, you will learn how to integrate ICF Core Competencies like: (1) Establishing Coaching Goals (2) Co-Creating the Relationship, (3) Effective Communication and (4) Forward Action.


Introductory Module: Discovering Your Passion for Coaching

Before you begin to acquire specific coaching skills, it is vital to understand the fundamentals of what coaching is and what it is NOT. You will learn the difference between coaching and other forms of “helping” such as consulting, training, therapy and counselling. You appreciate how it can be a powerful tool to empower people in moving forward. You will walk away with a deeper and compelling conviction to become a qualified Coach.

  • How coaching is different from consulting, training, counseling and mentoring
  • Know when and when not to coach and how to integrate the various disciplines
  • Understand the Psychology of Coaching
  • Learn how to leverage on Positive Psychology and Emotional Intelligence to enable change
  • Appreciate the value of coaching in personal transformation

Basic Module 1: Developing Your Coaching Competencies

Coaching is, above all, conversational. Hence, Coaching Conversation is special and transformational. It is a conversation in which the Coach is speaking and listening with a total commitment to cause people to succeed. This is the most important module where you learn how to create safe psychological space for your client to articulate what is known but unknown to their consciousness mind. The catalyst for change begins at this level where they begin to deepen their thinking and gain more awareness into their current reality. You will gain in-depth understanding on the dynamics of the coaching process using our unique framework “Awareness-Clarity-Choice Conversation” to achieve maximum impacts.

  • What makes coaching conversation so special
  • 3 Different Intentions in Learning Conversation
  • How to employ the different types of coaching conversation
  • Coaching Presence: Key ingredients for positive change

Basic Module 2: Developing Your Coaching Tools

The art of asking appropriate and powerful questions has the power to open up new perspectives. This helps to direct our attention to areas that we have not considered, thus enabling us to gain new understanding through thoughtful thinking. Coaches help their clients to find their own solutions through powerful asking.

  • Discover the power of questions and how they should be structured for maximum impact
  • Understand the framework for meta-coaching
  • Avoid making the top 8 mistakes when asking questions
  • Learn how to ask empowering questions